Scottish Holiday Cottages - luxury at the most westerly point on the UK mainland

Ardnamurchan, the west coast of Scotland

The Magical Peninsula

It is impossible to list everything there is to do here. The thing to do, of course, is to come here, look around and make up your own programme. Naturally, we'll do our best to make your stay as enjoyable as possible with advice and practical help.

Wildlife on Ardnamurchan

Across the Ardnamurchan peninsular our local wildlife does its best to put in an appearance for you: red deer; otters; seals; pine martens. Some can be seen from the Shoreline Cottages - often in the grounds themselves.

For the rest, we'll do our best to point you to the most likely locations

  • Deer have roamed the area for centuries and add to the spectacle at all times of the year.
  • Within our property, deer make an appearance (outside a protective fence) In winter, the sparse foliage (and sometimes the snow) make them easier to spot.
  • The otter is an elusive animal, whose presence is often only revealed by the remains of its prey . . . . . . while smaller creatures, such as this pine marten, come right on to our lawn to munch.
  • The range of wildlife here is enough to keep the enthusiast absorbed for weeks at a time. The Wildlife Reserves at Strontian, Glenmore and Claish Moss are there to ensure continuity and access.
  • There are very many bird species here - one visitor catalogued 74 in just three days, including eagles, harriers, buzzards and ravens.
  • Plant life abounds, with particularly interesting species of mosses, lichens and orchids.



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